Niall Sabongi’s Oysters – 3 Ways

Niall shows you how simple it is to shuck oysters and serve them 3 ways – Oysters in a half shell served simply on ice with lemon or a mignonette vinaigrette His take on Rockerfeller oysters, as he calls them, Rockers And his Arabic style oysters flavoured with sumac and harissa. Niall is a chef, restaurateur and fishmonger. Seafood has always been a part of his life from a very young age and he wants to ‘slap the posh’ out of eating fish and to make seafood accessible to everyone. You can experience some of Niall’s amazing dishes in any of his three Dublin (Ireland) restaurants, Klaw, Klaw Seafood Café and Klaw, Capel Street. As well as running three very successful restaurants, Niall owns ‘Sustainable Seafood Ireland’ which is a wholesale fish and shellfish company that supplies seafood to many of Ireland’s leading restaurants. The Urban Monger is a new project Niall will be launching very soon.

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