Bluefin Tuna

(11 customer reviews)

Prince Edward Island bluefin tuna is distributed globally and is highly valued in international markets for its high oil content and bright red flesh


11 reviews for Bluefin Tuna


    Love it!!!

  2. Thyra

    It looks awesome and amazing !

  3. Emily

    Its taste is so good ! I definitely love it !

  4. Gary

    It looks so nice ! I love it

  5. Lawrence

    I love Sashimi Tuna so much

  6. Warren

    Bluefin Tuna is wonderful and healthy. I often crave it !

  7. George

    My friends and I shared the Bluefin Tuna and it was so good. We will definitely order more next time.

  8. Olivia

    Bluefin Tuna is a good fish for health and yummy

  9. Romey

    Bluefin Tuna is such a tasty & healthy fish !

  10. Mark

    Bluefin Tuna from PEI is the best ! I love it !

  11. Henry

    Great taste and texture~ luvin it~~~~

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