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Prince Edward Island mussels are delicious and nutritious. They are especially rich in protein and minerals but low in cholesterol and fat.


9 reviews for Mussels

  1. JC

    Really good taste to use Sake to steam them.

  2. Louis

    Truly yummy ! I love it !

  3. Oceania

    Truly delicious ! I like it so much !

  4. Robert

    Really like this local mussels, very special taste…!

  5. shareene

    Exceptional quality

  6. David

    It looks so yummy ! I truly want to have it !

  7. George

    PEI mussels are the best.

  8. Vic

    I have to say this is the best in town~

  9. Vincent

    PEI mussel is nice and affordable. I like it !

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