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The flavor of Prince Edward Island oysters reflects the minerals, water quality, salinity, nutrients…available in the water. After harvesting, oysters are cleaned, graded, packed, shipped and sold to markets around the globe.


9 reviews for Oysters

  1. Nick

    Awesome !

  2. Vincent

    It is definitely yummy with cheese !

  3. Helen

    Cool taste !

  4. shareene

    The best available with its rich full flavour. There is nothing like it

  5. Kai

    Oh, super delicious !

  6. Emma

    Extraordinarily nice !

  7. George

    PEi oysters are wonderful. They are tasty and fresh.

  8. Zoe

    The flavour of the Alantics~ must try!

  9. Gerard

    PEI oyster is really nice and fresh ! I love it.

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