Snow Crab

(13 customer reviews)

Prince Edward Island snow crab is highly appreciated around the world for its succulent meat. When cooked, the shell turns to a bright orange and the meat has a firm texture with a sweet and awesome taste.


13 reviews for Snow Crab


    So delicious!!!

  2. Therese

    So cool ! It’s tasty !

  3. Therese

    So cool ! Yummy 🙂

  4. Daniel

    The meat of PEI Snow Grab is superior. I absolutely love it !

  5. Eric

    I love snow crab and especially PEI snow crab. It is truly amazing !

  6. George

    Snow Crab is my favourite. I will order some when they are available.

  7. Geremi

    PEI Snow Crab is super awesome and I always crave it !

  8. Jordan

    New season of Snow Grab is coming soon, I am looking forward to enjoying it !

  9. Bill Bill

    The crab and the services are awesome.

  10. Kaye

    Loved it .. So delicious

  11. Ronnie

    I really enjoyed Snow Crab in April 2022 and am looking forward to having it again in 2023

  12. Skye

    I enjoyed so much Snow Crab in April 2023 with a very reasonable price

  13. Giselle

    Snow Crab of PEI is always tasty and jummy. I love it !!

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